The magic of toners

It's been quite some time since the world has switched from heavy, oil-based creams and moisturizers to lightweight skincare products. And it's in the same spirit that women across the world include lightweight toners in their skincare routine. Indeed, the most basic skincare routine across the world is CTM- a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. 
But what’s a toner?- it's a water-based astringent. The use of toner is to prepare your skin for better absorption of products that follow. Thus, the correct order would be cleanser then toner then serum then moisturizer, or cleanser then toner then moisturizer

Hydrosols make ideal toners too. Hydrosols are floral waters obtained usually by steam distillation. The plant properties are available in its purest form so it very effective in getting results.

Let’s see why hydrosol toners find such an important place for beauties of all skin types!

#1 Tightens skin

Toner tightens up the pores opened up by cleansing. It thus makes the skin firm and tight. This is the reason why toners are recommended in age-defying treatments. 

#2 Maintains pH balance

Sometimes cleansers can be harsh for the skin, especially when the skin is suffering from acne or a broken barrier. In such cases, skin toners help to restore the skin’s pH balance. The ideal pH of the facial skin is between 4.5-5.5 and this pH balance in the face is maintained by the right use of toners. 

#3 Soothes skin 

Environmental factors like pollution, heat or cold and health ailments can cause the skin to burn, get boils and redness. It is especially recommended to spray soothing toners with Rose or Peppermint extracts to soothe and relieve itchy face

Rose Hydrosol   Mint Hydrosol

#4 Removes sebum and make-up

When residues of oil and make-up refuse to leave your face even after cleansing, then a toner is your best friend. Take a little on a cotton ball and clean your face with a hydrating toner for a clean, fresh feel. 

#5 Reduces pores

Enlarged pores can be a reason for worry in any age group. Toners, when used for a prolonged period, can help reduce the appearance of pores and keep your skin plump and healthy.  

#6 Retains moisture

Toners are formulated and must be chosen according to one’s skin type and needs. The market is full of toners for dry skin, and rightly so, as toners are known to increase the efficiency of the moisturizer that follows! 

#7 Aids in acne-recovery

Since the major cause of acne is the oiliness of the skin and pollution, toners for oily skin like those with Turmeric, because of the presence of curcumin, aids in controlling oiliness and results in better absorption of other products. Toners for acne-prone skin should find a place in your skincare routine for sure!

In case you are wondering where to start, how about bringing the freshness of your coffee to your skincare? Try out Svashudhi’s Coffee toner here

Turmeric Hydrosol    Coffee Hydrosol

The use of toner of the face thus refreshes, soothes and brightens. It maintains the normal skin pH level too. While it may take some time to find the best toner for your skin, it is an investment worth making. After all, with all the hustle and bustle and stress, doesn't your skin deserve some pampering, beauties? 





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