6 Reasons to add coffee to your skincare routine! 

Who doesn’t like to wake up to a steaming hot cup of coffee? The aroma, the taste, indeed opens us up to face the challenges of the day, head on! 
But did you know that this wonder bean can do wonders for your skin as well?
Read on to know all the benefits of coffee for your skin. 

#1 Great Exfoliator 

Coffee granules have micro-exfoliation properties, thus helping in cleaning away deal skin cells and grime. Unlike other natural exfoliator substances like walnut beads, which can be harsh on the skin and cause micro-abrasions, coffee face washes and coffee scrubs are gentle and effective. 

Want more? The caffeine in coffee also helps to reduce cellulite with regular use. Give a try to Svashudhi coffee body scrub to soften your skin this season!  

#2 Effective Cleanser

A caffeine cleanser can be a great way to ‘wake up’ your skin and cleanse the impurities and pollution away. The scent of coffee is scientifically proven to elate your mood and keep the sadness at bay!

A nice coffee soap, especially with added benefits like those of charcoal or cocoa or rose can aide to the luxurious experience! 

#3 Powerful Toner 

Among the many ways to use coffee for face is for toning! Regular toning after a cleanser helps retain moisture, fade acne scars and tighten the skin. Also, regular toning helps in shrinking pores and reduces puffiness. 

Just take a few drops of a coffee-based toner on a cotton pad and dab across your face to prepping your skin for the moisturizer.  

#4 Deep Moisturiser 

Coffee has natural oils which penetrate deep into the skin and moisturize for atleast 8 hours. Add to it the fact that it also has natural sunscreen, which is another reason to add it in your skin care routine! Make sure to choose a moisturizer according to your skin type. Whether it's dry, oily or combination, blessings of coffee for face moisturising are aplenty! 


#5 Under-eye Brightener 

Did you know that the actives found in the coffee buds and green coffee can reduce the puffiness of the eyes and lighten the delicate skin near your eyes? Among the many coffee benefits for the skin is this one. Adding a good under eye serum with green coffee actives will help even out the skin, reduce fine lines and pigmentation. 

Use a little every night before going to bed to see great results! 

#6 Skin Softener 

A nice whipped up coffee body cream or body butter will keep your skin moisturized for the whole day. It is because of the natural oils and great scent of coffee that ensures 24 hour softness! 

Just apply a little after your bath routine and you are good to go! 

So, what are you waiting for? Coffee’s benefits for skin are indeed well known and well researched. How versatile a bean that can refresh your system and your skin! Add coffee to your skincare routine and see the difference. 

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