Glowing Skin Secrets

The internet is filled with the mumbo jumbo about getting glowing skin. But have you stopped and wondered, what exactly can be called a glowing skin? A glowing skin is skin which is well nourished, hydrated, and protected from damage by sun, pollution or free radicals. 

While every skin tone is beautiful in its own unique way, the needs of each type of skin are different too. To get that healthy glow, it is necessary that skin concerns are addressed and enough nutrients are getting to the skin for its wear and tear. 

Here are a few ways in which you can achieve that steady glow throughout all seasons.

Lifestyle changes

  • Diet: It is important to have a healthy diet for glowing skin. A diet which is rich in greens, salads and juices can help in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. Additionally, sugar is known to reduce the elasticity of the skin, thus being a cause of early aging. And while it may not be possible to cut down sugar completely, it can be consumed in a limited quantity for maintaining a clear, glowing skin. 
  • Exercise: While there are specific exercises for the facial muscles and yoga for glowing skin, it is better to get into a regular exercise routine for maintaining a glowing skin. Exercise helps flush out toxins from the system and gets the blood flowing to each muscle. This in turn, results in a healthy sheen for the skin. 
  • Sleep and stress management: Believe it or not, the more stressed we are, the more our skin reacts to it. Skin is the biggest organ of the body, the protective cover indeed. Any stress or lack of sleep you go through, your skin will pay for it. Get into a healthy sleep routine and into stress management activities like resting, reading, gardening and more and your skin will thank you for it. 

Periodic changes 

For glowing skin and healthy hair, it is essential that proper changes in skin and hair care routines as well as in diet are incorporated from time to time. It's wise and rewarding to modify one's diet and skin care routine every season. Similialy, as one ages, the needs of the skin also change, from teenage acne to wrinkles in mature skin. One’s skincare routine and haircare rituals should also change accordingly. 

Proper skin care routine to get that glow

All said and done, a proper skin care routine can go a long way in healing skin problems and preventing any new ones. Here’s a basic skin care routine which will incorporate the essentials - heal, nourish, repair and protect


A good cleanser helps to wash away impurities, pollution and grime from the skin. Invest in a natural facial cleanser

and in natural ubtan-based bath powder instead of chemical-laden products.

Scrub and polish

Scrubs help to slough away the dead skin cells off the face and body to reveal fresh, rejuvenated skin. A simple scrub with lemon juice, honey and sugar can help you get glowing skin at home. Alternately, you can also try our scrub for face and body.

Face pack

Indulge your senses with some nicely scented face pack once a week. It helps draw out impurities from within. If you’re a beginner to skin care, here’s a face pack for glowing skin.


While you can skip this part if you’re in a hurry, a face serum is actually a blessing in disguise. It penetrates deep inside your skin cells. Thus, it's  better to use any potent ingredients in the serum form.

Moisturizer and SPF

It is of utmost importance to moisturize our skin, even if we have oily skin. You can follow it up with a sunscreen with a broad SPF or better, choose a moisturizer with SPF in it to protect your skin from sun damage.

With the correct lifestyle and skincare routine, you can get the glow and radiance you have always desired!

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