Exfoliation And Skin Care

Let me tell you something about my everyday life. I come home after a 10 to 6 and the streets of my city are busting with fumes and pollution. My skin feels dirty after a 20 minutes commute. And one thing I really look forward to is a cleansing routine of a face wash or cleanser, a mild scrub and a face pack once in a while. And the relief I feel after that… Chalo kuch to acha kiya apne skin keliye. Hopefully, my skin will thank me. 

The cities we live in and the way we transition from AC environments to the sunny outdoors, our skin indeed asks for exfoliation. And if you are new to the deep cleansing routine, here are a few things you should know about face scrubs before adding it to your routine!

A scrub is the second step in a skin care routine. It comes after the cleanser and is should be used once or twice a week depending the need of your skin. Alternately, you can have a self-care Sunday with an elaborate wash, scrub and face pack routine. I know I do! 

Here are a few reasons why your skin will thank you for a regular exfoliation routine!

Removes dead skin cells 

The most important benefit of the facial scrubs is to remove the dead skin cells. Scrubbing your face at least twice a week exfoliates it thoroughly making it look fresh and radiant. The home-made face scrubs made with coffee and sugar with a tint of aloe vera gel are highly effective.

Improves skin texture 

Facial skin is very delicate and is prone to the maximum damage by sun, dirt and pollution. Scrubs to the rescue! Scrubs help with the flakiness of the skin, especially in winters and changing seasons.

Helps with ingrown hair

Scrubbing is the most cost-effective technique to deal with ingrown hairs which come up after shaving. Make sure you scrub before shaving your skin. Otherwise pesky acne and pimple breakouts follow.

Fades hyperpigmentation

The environmental damage hitting your skin leads to hyperpigmentation.  Home-made facial scrubs work best to fade away hyperpigmentation from your skin through regularly removing dead skin cells. Exfoliation also increases the cell renewal which helps to improve the skin health.

Massages skin 

Massaging helps to regulate the blood flow on your face and makes your skin radiant and glowing. Using face exfoliators like coffee scrubs will act as effective massagers, and should be added to your weekly routine.

Opens up pores

It is of utmost importance that your skins pores don’t clog up. Otherwise acne, pimples and black and white heads follow. A good scrub opens up your skins pores for better absorption of products like serums and moisturizers.

Your T-zone and nose become home to blackheads and whiteheads once in a while. A good scrub like coffee face scrub by Svashudhi proves to be an asset and helps unclog pores and get rid of black and white heads.

So there you go! With so many benefits of one single step, there is indeed no reason for you to skip scrubs. Make sure you use a mild scrub which doesn’t cause micro abrasions. and scrub only once a week, and never scrub twice in the same day, for a healthy, glowing skin.  

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