How to develop a skincare routine?

Tell me if you have come across the following jargon. 

Daytime routine. nighttime routine, skin detox routine, Korean skincare routine, minimalist skincare and so so many more. Any site online is filled with these and many more ‘routines’ that you ‘must’ follow for clear skin.Let me tell you, it's okay to be confused. And let me clear out some confusion for you. 

Let’s see some basic steps you should follow to develop a simple skincare routine. 


The first step of any skin regime is a cleanser. It's important to use a gentle cleanser according to your skin type to wash out impurities, oil and pollution from your face. Remember not to use a cleanser that dries out your skin and strips it out of moisture completely.  

Once a week, try a face scrub to exfoliate your skin. Choose a scrub that will be gentle. Harsh scrubs with walnut or apricot granules can cause micro-abrasions and tear your delicate facial skin. 

A cleanup routine can also be established by following the cleanser and scrub with a face pack Choose a pack according to your skin needs. Just make sure not to overdo it as it can get drying for the skin. 



  • A toner helps in restoring the pH balance of your skin after the cleansing and prepares the skin for the serum or moisturizer which follows. It also refreshes the skin. Choose hydrosols in a spray bottle as they can freshen and clean your skin instantly. Check out seven reasons why toners should become a part of your skincare routine to learn more about toners. 

      Turmeric Hydrosol


    While your basic skincare routine need not always have a serum, it is highly recommended by dermatologists that you should. Serums are potent solutions that treat specific concerns and protect your skin. Ingredient based serums like those with green coffee, green tea can treat specific conditions like pigmentation or acne.


    Always read the ingredients and usage along with the percentage of actives to make sure that the serums are safe for your skin.


    Perhaps the most important part of a daily skincare routine is a moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, it is essential to use a moisturizer. A moisturizer that penetrates the deepest levels of your skin keeping the skin nourished is a year-long essential. Choose moisturizers with organically sourced ingredients like coffee or orange to keep your skin glowing. 


  • Sunscreen

  • Whether you’re living in the cooler areas or the hotter ones, whether you’re staying indoors or going out, sunscreen must be your skin’s BFF. It’s a misconception that you don’t need to wear sunscreen indoors or during winter. No No No… A sunscreen applied every day is one of the biggest investments you can make in your skin. It slows down ageing and protects your skin from blue light emitted by electronic devices. 
  • Make sure to choose a sunscreen with a broad spectrum and UVA and UVB protection.

    While you can skip sunscreen for your nighttime routine, you can add other essentials like facial oils or masks according to your skin needs. Remember, with skincare, less is more.And there you go. Refer to the five steps routine mentioned above and build a nice self-care routine for healthy skin and a healthy you. Also, watch out for this space for more on skin, health, wellness and more. 

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