5 Beauty Must-Haves for Summer

The sun, the heat, and uff the sweat! The sun has got in its strongest glory and its not sparing your city isn’t it? 

This heat calls out for some cooling, soothing and instantly hydrating products.

Have a look at 5 must haves summer beauty products which must find a place in your vanity kit. 

#1 Sunscreen 

Do we even need to mention this? Sunscreens are the staples for the summer skin. Lookout for the following indicators in your sunscreen-

  • Broad spectrum- Choose sunscreens above 30 SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 
  • UVA and UVB protection- Both these type of UV rays are harmful for the skin and hence should be protected from. 
  • Water resistant- Sweating and swimming can wear off the sunscreen. Choose one which is water resistant and sweat-proof. 
  • Blue Ray protection- Even indoors, constant exposure to the screens can cause skin damage. Choose a sunscreen with blue ray protection. 

Sunscreens must be applied 24/7/365. Still, if you are going out in the evenings, check the UV index of your place online to know if you need sunscreen while going out. 

#2 Mists and Toners

Rose water for face in summer is an age-old remedy indeed. Face mists are a must in your summer skin care routine. Face mists or hydrosols provide instant cooling and freshness to dull skin. A hydrosol is a face mist made out of distillation of pure, natural ingredients. Choose a mist with cooling ingredients like rose or coffee. They are a great cure for dry skin in summer time. 

  • #3 Aloe Vera Gel 

  • Indeed the king of summer skin care, aloe vera gel is the most versatile product out there! The cooling properties of aloe vera are well known. Apply pure aloe vera gel to your skin and hair after facing the sun for a long time. Aloe vera cures sunburn, redness and itchiness, and is a saviour for dry skin in summer.
  • #4 Cucumber and Lavender soaps 

    Cooling of the body is also as important as cooling of face and hair. Cucumber and lavender are both nature’s secrets of cooling down and soothing. Try soaps made of cucumber and lavender for your baths this summer for a soothing experience.

  • #5 Scrubs 

  • Start off your night skin care in summer with a mild cleanser and a scrub. Scrubs help in sloughing off the tan and dead skin cells accumulated throughout the day. It lends a freshness to the skin and preps it for toners, serums and moisturizers. 
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    A sunscreen, face mist, aloe vera gel, cooling soaps and scrub will help you tackle many issues which summer might bring along. Along with, check out how to protect your skin from the sun here

    Happy summers! 



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