About us

Our ideology stems from a deep-rooted family heritage of consciously sourced ingredients from the vast estates of Chikmagalur. We believe in adding value to our customers’ lives by giving them a chance to sit back and enjoy the abundance of nature. At Svashudhi, we have curated an exotic range of bath and body products that are 100% organic and handmade to enrich your body with the goodness of nature.

Svashudhi has been upholding our mission to enable consumers to practise self-purification to support their wellness journey. With a rich heritage of natural remedies, we present you with gentle and effective products for your routine skin and hair care regime. We invite you to take a journey through a world where luxury meets simplicity enhancing your daily bath and body products. Explore face packs made from neem, serums from nut extracts, and an exotic blend of oils for beard and hair care.

With a mission to become India’s largest organic bath and body store, we are fortunate to have a truly motivated and sincere team. Our values and ideals position customer satisfaction above everything else. We are committed to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, so you can enjoy the benefits of purity, with a touch of Svashudhi.

It’s time to rejuvenate, replenish and relish organic bath and body products with Svashudhi!

Words from the founder:

“Having used natural homemade products from my childhood through adulthood, it was quite a challenge to use regular store-bought shampoos on my 1-year-old daughter as she was allergic to my preferred choice - shikakai. With the hope to provide her with natural remedies that suit her hair and skin, I began looking for alternative natural remedies which were derived from plants and spices. Since then, I have been curating customised soaps, shampoos and oils for my family and friends, who motivated me to share my homemade range of organic products by establishing Svashudhi in 2018.” - Malavi Raghu