Protect your skin as summer's knocking!

The increasing temperatures and soaring heat are telling us that summer is here. 

The pollen is in the air, the immunity system is a little down with the temperatures soaring….and thus comes the onset of rashes, headaches, sneezes, and body aches that refuse to go. 

The changing weather also demands a change in your skin-care routines. The traditional heavy creams and lotions need to be chucked out and hypo-allergic, lightweight products need to find a place at your counter. 

Give a read to know how to tackle the various skin challenges the changing weather brings in. 

#1 Use hypo-allergenic products 

Switch to products that can maintain the pH balance of your skin and are hypo-allergenic. They won’t cause breakouts and will protect the skin as it adapts to the changing temperatures. 

#2 Include cooling products 

One can actually feel the heat rising in the skin these days, right? As the temperature rises, it is necessary to cool down your skin. Include cooling products like cucumber in your diet and also skincare. Even agents like lavender and aloe vera are great for maintaining the increasing heat levels of the body. 

#3 Switch to lighter products 

It's of utmost importance to switch to lightweight products as the summer approaches. Heavy products and creams can cause your facial pores to clog and increase sweating. Lighter products instead, settle in the skin and even stay after the application of make-up. Gel-based or lightweight creams and moisturizers can do the trick. 

#4 Include facial mists 

Face mists are the saviours of the summertime. It is one product one can’t miss out in the summer. The instant cooling and hydrating properties of a face mist or a hydrosol make it the most versatile product for summertime. Based on your skin concerns, choose a face mist based on products like 

  • Turmeric for any kind of flare-ups, acne and rashes
  • Rose for hydrating and refreshing the skin 
  • Peppermint for instant cooling after being exposed to the sun. Indeed a must-have!

#5 Exfoliate regularly 

While you won't want to irritate your skin after sun exposure immediately, it is important to not skip out on exfoliation. Any kind of build-up of dead skin cells on the face or body can cause itchiness, redness and then rashes. Include a mild scrub and our traditional bath powders in your bathing regime to regularly exfoliate and keep your skin fresh. 

Take care of your skin this summer

With the increasing sweat and dust, a purifying pack with the goodness of charcoal works wonders in keeping your skin healthy. Its cleansing properties are indeed well-known. The summer can also add to the problems of tanning, dark spots and pigmentation. It is crucial to include a de-tanning face pack and a body scrub for regularly taking care of your skin’s health.


Before we conclude, here are a few tips and suggestions 

  • Use anti-allergic mild soaps and products which are hypo-allergic. A soap with mild ingredients like milk and honey or turmeric and jasmine can help
  • Close the doors and windows to make sure pollen and dust do not enter your house
  • Wash your bed sheets and pillow covers regularly
  • Invest in a good air purifier if the problem persists for long
  • Change into clean and fresh clothes immediately when you come home from outside
  • Nasal spray, over-the-counter inhalers, and steam machines have been a regular indeed for the season
  • Identify if certain food products are triggering your allergies. Usually, milk products like curd and cheese are common culprits

    While you must transform your skincare regime to prevent any kind of skin issues, it is advised to visit a doctor or a dermatologist for any kind of graver problems.

    Allergies and skin problems always accompany the changing weather. It is important to maintain the health of your skin to avoid any kind of rashes and skin allergies. 

    Adapt! Improvise! And defeat those skin allergies! 

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