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Vinita wakes up to the sound of her alarm and rushes to have breakfast, dress-up and reach her office. After 8 hours in front of a laptop, battling traffic she reaches home. It is now that she realises that how much the stress of the day has affected her skin and hair. 

Does Vinita’s story sound like your own? With endless to-do lists, do you also struggle with maintaining a wellness routine? Svashudhi realises the challenges of a urban professionals and brings to you, our wellness range. 

We believe that small changes in our lifestyles can reap great results. Just including pure, cold press, nourishing oils or lip balms can help improve hair and lip health. But there’s a catch. These oils and balms, which seep inside our scalp and skin, should be made of pure ingredients. Otherwise, chemicals entering our body for months on end.. Doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it? 

Have a look at our bestselling wellness range for entire family. 

Virgin Coconut Hair Oil

So, another coconut hair oil? Aren’t there many already out there? Yeah, but how many of them are cold-pressed and unbleached? The best coconut oil for hair will have to free of addictives and preservatives. And what are the benefits of cold pressed coconut oil for hair? Well, cold-pressed technology ensures that ll the nutrients of coconut are retained. Thus, what you get is a 100% pure virgin coconut hair oil, untouched or undiluted at all times. Svashudhi's coconut hair oil has 51% lauric acid, known for improving the texture and softness of the skin. It can be used for skin, hair and cooking and as carrier oil for other oils. 

Herbal Hair Oil and Herbal Shampoo

Have you looked at the long list of chemicals on your shampoo and hair-oil? Words we can’t even pronounce, let alone understand. Prevent all the stress to your hair and switch to herbal regimes. Svashudhi’s herbal hair oil and herbal shampoo is enriched with the goodness of amla, skiakai. It has no preservatives or added chemicals.


Lip Balm

Do you know that the skin  on your lips is three times thinner than our normal skin? That’s why it needs more moisturzation and also it seeps in more chemicals in our bloodstream. That’s why its absolutely important to use natural lip balms. With honey, almond, olive oil and vitamin E, its the best lip balm for pink lips. This natural lip balm also exfoliates your lips and prevents flakiness.

Natural Soaps

Do you leave your bathroom with dry, greyish skin with artificial fragrance? And is it good for skin of your kids? Svashudhi believes soaps should cleanse while maintaining the pH value and softness of your skin. Hence, we’ve a range of handmade soaps. Enriched with natural ingredients, choose the perfect soap for each season and need.

Cools down the skin and leaves it nourished and refreshed.
Deeply cleanses and opens up pores of skin. 
Turmeric removes blemishes and a lingering natural jasmine scent.
The perfect summer soap which cools down with lavender scent. 

Small changes in our lives can prevent us and our family from unneceary chemicals. Especially when our skin and hair absorb them on an everyday basis. Choose natural, choose the best for your family, with Svashudhi. 

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  • Madhura Darshan

    Great products with all natural elements . Superb results for hair n skin

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