Be in Pink of beauty this Holi 2022

The summer is here and the country is looking forward to Holi 2022, the beloved festival of colours! With sweets, celebrations and colours, the country is swept in a fervor of fun and frenzy! 

But with the colours and fun come a load of skin and hair care woes. The holi colours, the chemicals and the sun can wreak havoc with your skin and hair and spoil the fun. 

But fret not, check out our twofold guide to take care of your skin and hair, pre and post Holi!

  • Moisturize - Make sure to moisturize your face and body with a good moisturizer before you get out to play Holi to minimize any damage by colours.

  • Protect - As summer is here,  a sunscreen with a broad SPF is a must. Apply at regular intervals, especially if getting drenched.

  • Nourish - Carry a moisturizing lip balm and sunscreen in your bags to reapply as needed and don’t forget the tender skin on your lips, neck, ears or the parting of your hair. 

  • Cleanse - Once home, cleanse with plain water and follow up with a mild face wash to deeply clean the colour. 

  • Deep Cleanse - Use  a face pack, especially with charcoal, to  remove the last bits of grime from your skin.

  • Body Care - Slather on some nourishing moisturizer or body butter before going out! You can also apply coconut oil as a shield to your body and hair. 

  • Coconut oil moisturizes your skin to the deepest levels and locks in moisture. Always go for virgin oils as they are free from any kind of chemicals and nourishes your skin. 

    Follow up with a cleansing bath!

    Hair Care

    How those strands suffer due to the colour and pulling and tying and more!! Taking care of your tresses is indeed not a one-day thing! Establish routines that will keep your hair healthy and strong! 

    • For Holi, make sure you apply oil on your hair at least 25 minutes before playing Holi
    • Try to save your hair from colours using a scarf or a dupatta
    • Once home, detangle your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb
    • Use a soft cloth to dust off all the dry holi powder
    • To restore the shine and bounce, we recommend a hair mask once a week and some aloe vera gel to moisturize those strands and keep them strong 

    Don’t let the colours or the sun stop you from enjoying the holi party to your fullest. With proper care before and after, take care of your skin and hair while splashing around in shades of yellow, red, pink, blue, green and more! 

    Svashudhi wishes you a safe and happy Holi! 

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