Donkey milk for skin? Really?

Cleopatra, the great egyptian queen, used to have a stable of 700 donkeys, the milk of which were used exclusively for her baths. And the queen indeed got it right! 

Donkey milk has been a skincare secret of beauties from the plains and hills throughout the world. In fact, it was the go-to potion in ancient Greece, used from  liver problems, infections to skin and hair health.

But what makes this ‘natural elixir of youth’ such a potent solution? Let’s find out the benefits of donkey milk for skin:-

Full of multivitamins and nutrients

Donkey milk is packed with the goodness of multivitamins and nutrients. It is loaded with vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, D and E and lactose. While vitamin B and C are known to give a glow to the skin, vitamin E is nourishing and moisturising. Your skin can thus reap the dual advantages of donkey milk.

Additionally, antioxidants and actives like retinal hae also been found in it, thus making it a powerful concoction. 

Adds glow to skin

Among the many benefits of donkey milk is the fact that it adds a glow to the skin. Due to the presence of vitamin C, a sheer sheen is bestowed on the skin due to donkey milk. Additionally, it also helps in detanning the skin after sun exposure. 

Defies age

Donkey milk is rich in fatty acids and retinal, which has anti-wrinkling properties. It thus has anti aging benefits for mature skin. Antioxidants in donkey milk soaps also slow down the aging process of skin cells.  

Donkey Milk Soap with Saffron

Reduces redness and irritation 

Due to the high protein content, donkey milk is known to calm the skin. One can use donkey milk products for acne control too. It helps get rid of the redness and irritation one might feel in the summer season.  

Nourishing and moisturising

The presence of vitamin E and fatty acids in donkey milk soaps and creams are a go-to solution for dry and flaky skin. Donkey milk products thus help with dry skin during winters, rashes during monsoons and itchiness during summer.Indeed a versatile product for all seasons! 

While the price of donkey milk might be on the higher side, its an ingredient everyone must include in their skin care regime. Its benefits spans across age groups and seasons and thus there is something for everyone in he family. And what better way than the versatile soap? 

Check out Svashudhi’s donkey milk and green coffee soap here! Happy monsoons! 

Donkey Milk Soap with Green Coffee

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