5 Reasons to switch to natural skin and hair care

Have you ever checked the main ingredients of your shampoo? Or your face cream? Have you read the long, difficult names of the chemicals and preservatives and wondered, “What am I putting on my skin?” 

Indeed, the world has realised the importance of natural skin care and a majority of the millennials, backed by their reading, are switching to organic skin care. Have a look at the reasons beauties across the world are switching to natural beauty products. 

#1 Hypoallergenic

With fewer chemicals and sulfates, organic beauty products are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are a lot less likely to cause any kind of allergies or reactions to your skin. Add to this the fact that you can always identify the ingredients and choose those which are best for your skin! 

#2 No baddies for your skin

Chemicals and preservatives are added externally to skin and hair care products  to increase their shelf life and maintain their color and consistency. With prolonged use, they can cause cellular damage and other skin problems. Hence it is always better to look for natural skin care brands

#3 Cruelty-free 

Women across the world are turning their backs to established brands because of their animal-testing rules. They are switching to natural options as majority of the natural beauty brands out there like Svashudhi are committed to a cruelty-free procedure.They do not carry tests on animals or harm living beings in any manner. Good for skin AND furry friends? What’s not to like! 

#4 Better for skin and hair 

While synthetic ingredients might give faster results, they can wreak havoc in the overall texture and pH balance of your skin. They might cause greater damage with long term use. In contrast, organic products will help your skin and scalp glow from within and won’t cause any micro-damage. 

#5 Better for the environment

Green cosmetics, as they are called, are good for the environment. The packaging is mostly in glass and recyclable paper instead of plastic. They also do not release any harmful compounds into the environment during the manufacturing process. Thus , do yourself and nature a favour and go natural!

These reasons must have convinced you to switch to making better choices for your skin, hair and nature. Head to svashudhi.com to check out some great natural beauty products! 





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